Kloxo: Remote mail issues? Solved. « Stuart’s Blog

Kloxo: Remote mail issues? Solved. « Stuart’s Blog

Well, this might not solve your exact issue which your having with Kloxo and emails. But here’s my first bit on a Kloxo mailer fix!

Problem: Email sent from a website (eg. contact or booking form) is submitted on the website, but never received to the person their sent to if their email domain is hosted on the same server, but have the email handled elsewhere (e.g, Google Apps).


The domain of which the recipient’s email is based on is hosted on the same server as the domain it is being sent by.

The recipient’s email isn’t hosted on Kloxo, it’s hosted elsewhere (e.g, Google Apps).

Check your maillog. (Kloxo Manager > “Server” Tab > Log Manager > Maillog). Look for the email that was sent (such as the email it was sent to & the time). Next to the delivery details, look for the word local (example below- click to enlarge).

Initial Check: Login to Kloxo > Domains > [your domain] > “Remote Mail” under the “Mail” Section. Make sure “Mail Hosted Remotely” is set to “Remote”.

Solution: If the above fails, you have fallen into the same issues I’ve ran into countless times. Luckily, it seems like the Kloxo dev team has gone to solve this in an update. But until then, here’s your solution!

You must have ssh or another form of access to files in the /var/ directory. We’ll be using SSH.

SSH into your server. Once you’re in:

cd /var/qmail/control/

Edit the file “virtualdomains”

nano virtualdomains, or vi virtualdomains if you don’t have nano installed.

Look for the recipient’s domain. If it’s listed, delete the entire line containing the domain. If it isn’t listed, you’re problem exists elsewhere.

Save the file. Then restart qmail:

service qmail restart or Kloxo Manager > Server > Services > Click the “Restart” button to the right of the “qmail” label.

Test it out, and you should be good!

via Kloxo: Remote mail issues? Solved. « Stuart’s Blog.


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