Cat in the Cloud: Apache Tomcat in Amazon EC2 – The Basics

Cat in the Cloud: Apache Tomcat in Amazon EC2 – The Basics

If you still cannot connect: check that Tomcat has indeed started and is listening on port 8080: sudo fuser -v -n tcp 8080 Expected output: USER PID ACCESS COMMAND 8080/tcp: tomcat pid F…. java check that your instance’s security group permits inbound connections to port 8080 from your IP address. To have Tomcat start automatically on instance boot, issue the following commands: sudo chkconfig –level 345 tomcat6 on chkconfig –list Expected output: . . . tomcat6 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off . . .SummaryAs you can see, installing Tomcat from the official Amazon Linux repo is a breeze, with all the housekeeping taken care of: binaries, config files, and user data are distributed nicely among /usr, /etc, and /var, a dedicated non-privileged account is created, file and directory permissions are set accordingly, log rotation is enabled, and a proper service script is installed.There are just two problems: You get specific versions of Java, Tomcat, and supplementary libraries, whereas your Web application may require or may have been tested on different versions. The tomcat6 package has lots of dependencies some of which you may not need, and others may be specific versions that are incompatible with your Web app. Run yum deplist tomcat6 to see the dependencies. Note that this command only shows the immediate dependencies of the given package.In the follow-up articles, we’ll discuss how to install your preferred versions of Java and Tomcat, advanced configuration topics, and the protection of your Web applications.

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