Can’t login to kloxo-mr my solutions

Can’t login to kloxo-mr my solutions

– Create database interface template ForcedERROR 1045 28000: Access denied for user ‘kloxo’@’localhost’ using password: YES

via Can’t login to kloxo-mr.

I lost access to panel after yum update,

so I update kloxoMR from 6.5 to 7.0, still no luck.  Got errors.

when doing sh /script/cleanup and upcp.

Here is the solutions I found:

1. find ‘/usr/local/lxlabs/kloxo/etc/conf/kloxo.pass

2. reset kloxo scheme password using above one.

2.1 reset root password with /script/reset-mysql-root-password  yourpassword

2.2 putty ssh login and tunnel to localhost

2.3 login mysql with your root account

2.4 reset the scheme kloxo  with the one in step 1.

3. sh /script/cleanup

4  sh /script/fix-all


The problem of above error lies in cleanup, which trace back to

the function in

function createDatabaseInterfaceTemplate($nolog = null)
log_cleanup(“- Create database interface template (Forced)”, $nolog);

exec(“mysql -u kloxo -p`cat ../etc/conf/kloxo.pass` kloxo < ../file/interface/interface_template.dump”);

It took me 2 days to find this solution.

The resource you have requested doesn’t exist. The server returned the error message: <br>  not_admin_cannot_modify_general   <br>’ look like your kloxo database is corrupt.

You can still try using above steps provided you have

kloxo schema good there in mysql database.

If you need help,


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