Maintenence Command

Maintenence Command

There is some example maintenence command …… know the configuration of the installedCode: [Select]sh /script/sysinforestarting all servicesCode: [Select]sh /script/restart-servicessh /script/restart-allexample restarting per-itemCode: [Select]/etc/init.d/named restart/etc/init.d/httpd restart/etc/init.d/nginx restart/etc/init.d/php-fpm restart/etc/init.d/mysqld restart/etc/init.d/kloxo restartexample fixCode: [Select]sh /script/fixwebsh /script/fixphpsh /script/fixdnssh /script/fixwebmailsh /script/fixmailsh /script/fixvpop# for allsh /script/fix-allClean-Up for affected software, especially after updating kloxo-mrCode: [Select]sh /script/cleanupmanual alternative fix permission & ownership at kloxo-mr menuCode: [Select]sh /script/fix-chownchmodexample command for optimize & repair mysql databaseCode: [Select]sh /script/mysql-optimize –select=repairsh /script/mysql-optimize –select=optimizeClear Cache *not work in OpenVz VPSCode: [Select]sh /script/clearcache –select=1Manual alternative apache optimizeCode: [Select]### for mod_php select optimezesh /script/apache-optimize –select=optimize### for suphp/fcgid/php-fpmsh /script/apache-optimize –select=defaultReset mysql root passwordCode: [Select]sh /script/reset-mysql-root-password Reset Kloxo admin password login:Code: [Select]sh /script/resetpassword master another way to convert database storage engine myisam or innodbCode: [Select]sh /script/mysql-convert –engine=MyISAMsh /script/mysql-convert –engine=InnoDB### MariaDB only convert to ariash /script/mysql-convert –engine=ariaRkHunter Check securityCode: [Select]rkhunter –checkcheck memoryCode: [Select]free -m

via Maintenence Command.


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