Fragments of nothing?

Fragments of nothing?

Android: “Damaged SD card”, how i lost my data but reclaimed my SD card (needs root)Firstly: If you have this problem, contact your retailer or service point!The story/instructions below are totally unsupported and requires expert knowledge!My SD card was “damaged” according to Android (4.0.4) running on a HTC Desire S.Mounting it from the Android menus didn’t work at all. Since I didn’t care about the data on the SD card I tried to reformat it from Linux but failed. This is how I managed to get the card to work again (though with my data LOST).The instructions below erases ALL data on our SD card. I am not responsible for loss of data or any other damage to your Phone or SD card!My phone was using a pre-rooted version of Android with busybox installed, and this is considered a requirement to do the steps below.

via Fragments of nothing?.


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