Different git Push & Pull(fetch) URLs | Sleepy Coders

Different git Push & Pull(fetch) URLs | Sleepy Coders

Different git Push & Pull(fetch) URLsOk, now this seems to be very easy and very useful technique while forking someones repo, but I always spend a lot of time searching how to do it.When you’re forking someone’s repo to add some features to it, you want to pull(fetch) from a main repository and push into your’s (forked one). Now git gives you this option from the box.git remote -vorigin git@github.com:User/forked.git (fetch)origin git@github.com:User/forked.git (push)As you can see the remote origin has 2 urls, one with fetch label and one with push. This means that you can fetch and push to different urls while using the same remote.Now how to do it:First of all you need to set the remotes url to the one of main repository (the one you forked from):git remote set-url origin git://github.com/chief/global.gitThen you set the push url of that remote to your’s (forked) repo: git remote set-url –push origin git@github.com:User/forked.gitYeah, it’s weird that you can’t set the different pull url by itself, just a push one. Anyways, now we have our awesome remote config:git remote -vorigin git://github.com/chief/global.git (fetch)origin git@github.com:User/forked.git (push)There is also a shorter way to do this.You can edit a .git/config file. When you’ll first open it (whiteout making all the remotes dance described above) you should se something like this:…[remote “origin”] fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* url = git@github.com:User/forked.git…Now all you have to do is change url to value to the repo you’ve forked from, and add a pushurl variable with the value of your’s repo. You’r config with now look like this:…[remote “origin”] fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* url = git://github.com/chief/global.git pushurl = git@github.com:User/forked.git…That’s all. From now on all your pull/fetch requests to origin will get the latest updates from the main repository and all push requests to origin will update your forked repository. Happy forking!Posted 29th May 2012 by Yuriy TymchukLabels: different different pull different push fetch fork git origin pull push remote workflow

Source: Different git Push & Pull(fetch) URLs | Sleepy Coders


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