2016 AMT Assistant – Qualification Information

2016 AMT Assistant – Qualification Information

2016 AMT AssistantQualification InformationDid you receive or claim any of the following items in this tax year?Accelerated DepreciationStock by exercising an incentive stock option and you did not dispose of the stock in the same yearTax exempt interest from private activity bondsIntangible drilling, circulation, research, experimental or mining costsAmortization of pollution-control facilities or depletionIncome (or loss) from tax-shelter farm activities or passive activitiesIncome from long-term contracts not figured using the percentage-of-completion methodInterest paid on a home mortgage NOT used to buy, build or substantially improve your homeInvestment interest expense reported on Form 4952Net operating loss deductionAlternative minimum tax adjustments from an estate, trust, electing large partnership or cooperativeSection 1202 exclusionAny general business credit in Part I on Form 3800Empowerment zone and renewal community employment creditQualified electric vehicle creditAlternative fuel vehicle refueling property creditCredit for prior year minimum tax

Source: 2016 AMT Assistant – Qualification Information


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