What Is the Best Backend as a Service Provider? – Quora

What Is the Best Backend as a Service Provider? – Quora

What is the best backend as a service provider?

Possibly one of these:





Kii Cloud






Cloud CMS





Appcelerator Cloud

Any notes/comments? Did anyone spend time evaluating any of these options?

The only significant difference I see is with respect to pricing: Stackmob is out of beta and has a free package already. Cocoafish promises a free package when it goes out of beta.

The features we need are basic boilerplate stuff and are provided by all these services.

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Benjamin Yoskovitz, VP Product @ GoInstant, Founding Part… (more)

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At this stage it’s still early, a definitive leader hasn’t materialized. A few companies in the space have been acquired, like Parse (http://parse.com/) by Facebook, or GoInstant (http://goinstant.com/) by Salesforce (where I work).

In terms of the best BaaS, it’s all a matter of personal preference and really depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  It seems like most of the BaaS in your list are focused on mobile. Most BaaS offer unique features not specific to just storing data.

Parse (http://parse.com/) offers a backend to store your data, the ability to push notifications to multiple devices and a social layer.  It’s clear that Parse is focusing aggressively on making it easier to create mobile apps that connect through social networks like Facebook, hence the acquisition.

GoInstant (http://goinstant.com/) is a JavaScript API for building multi-user, realtime applications. It’s both your backend and realtime layer, out-of-the-box.  Our focus is on making your apps more collaborative, while also providing the backend data layer.

If you wanted to know which BaaS is the best (based on popularity) you might look at their Alexa rankings to get a better sense, although I don’t think this is the best mechanism for judging, it’s something…

Appcelerator Cloud: 9,560

Parse: 14,810

Firebase: 47,564

Kinvey: 49,073

ShepHertz: 69,882

Stackmob: 114,425

Kii Cloud: 305,502

Applicasa: 399,091

GoInstant: 534,742

apiOmat: 575,380

Kumulos: 791,538

Backendless: 848,025

Cloudmine: 1,215,763

Mobeelizer: 4,381,460


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Ahmed El Refaey

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I was looking into the various BaaS providers and documented a comparison sheet between them in terms of features availability, check this

Back-end as a Service Providers Comparison


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James Gwertzman, CEO, PlayFab, Inc.

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I’m obviously quite biased, but I want to encourage anyone looking for a backend-as-a-service for a game (or a game-like app) to check out our PlayFab offering (http://www.playfab.com). Our platform is 100% focused on games, and has all the features you’d expect in a gaming platform in a single place — no need to juggle a half dozen different SDK’s or API’s.

I’ve been in the game industry for more than 15 years, and most recently was a senior executive at PopCap Games (5 of which I spent running our office in Shanghai where we made free-to-play games for Asia). I saw how hard it is for creative game studios to build great online games, and wanted to start PlayFab to make it much easier for all game developers. Developers should be able to stay focused on making great games — let us do the boring bits.

Some things I’m especially proud of:

– our core API is a REST-like Web API, which means it’s completely cross platform and language agnostic. We provide SDK’s for popular platforms like Unity and Unreal, but we also expose our SDK generator so anyone can roll their own SDK (PlayFab/SDK_Generator)

– we have very game specific features in our in-app product catalog, such as consumable items (buy once, use N times), crates/keys (must find or buy key to open a crate), random drop tables (define weight of items you might find in a card pack or crate), etc.

– robust analytics for no additional charge. We’re able to take advantage of Amazon’s RedShift data warehouse to get powerful analytics for most game purposes. We have basic reports out-of-the-box, but if you need more sophisticated reporting you can just connect tools like Tableau directly up to the RedShift feed we give you. And games can easily generate custom events — we catch them and automatically add new tables and schema to RedShift for you.

I could go on and on… but I encourage you to check us out!

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